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About Kassiopi Corfu

Kassiopi is one of the most famous tourist resorts in Corfu. Once a quite fishing village, Kassiopi has been transformed into a popular holiday destination, offering a variety of accommodation even for the most demanding guests.

Who it is best to go there?

It is suitable for most people, as it offers a variety of activities. It is mostly suitable for the younger generations, as it is famous for its live nightlife. A variety of clubs and bars is located near the harbour or in the centre of the village. However, families will also enjoy their stay in Kassiopi.

Where exactly is Kassiopi?

Kassiopi is located on the North East coast of the island, 35 kms from Corfu Town. Is is the centre of the municipality of Kassopeon. Heading to the North of the island, you will find Acharavi, another famous resort (8 km) and Sidari (15 kms).

What can I do there and what can I see?

If you like walking then why not wander through the village and visit the ancient ruins of the castle of Kassiopi, which has been famous since antiquity.

You can enjoy long days on the beach sunbathing or be entertained with the various water-sports. For the most adventurous, scuba-diving is an experience not to be missed. Explore the beauty of the deep with the help of experienced trainers.

You can spend a day-out by hiring a boat and exploring some of the unspoiled beaches surrounding Kassiopi, the majority of which cannot be reached by road. Also, Kassiopi has many travel agencies which organize daily tours around the island. Visit one of them and choose the trip that suits you most.

Self catering facilities

Most of the accommodation in Kassiopi is self-catering. You can choose the most suitable for you, among a variety of studios, apartments or even villas. All the accommodation available is situated either in the centre or around the villa of Kassiopi. It is up to you or choose the one that suits your taste and pocket!!!

What is the beach like?

Kassiopi has a couple of beaches where you can enjoy your swim in the crystal clear waters of the Ionian sea. The actual beaches are pebbly but sun beds and umbrellas are available for hire in order for you to enjoy your sun bath. A variety of water sports is also available, such as water-skiing, ringos, pedalos, etc.

Public transport.

Green buses run regularly from Kassiopi heading towards Corfu Town or Sidari, passing though numerous resorts. Tickets are available on the bus and are one-way. The main bus stop is at the centre of the village, at the main square. Taxis are also available, you can either get one, or call for one, at any time of the day or night.

Other facilities

The travel agencies in Kassiopi offer money exchange at competitive rates. Four ATM machine (cash points) are situated in different parts of the village, three near the main square and one at the harbour.

Several phone boxes accepting phone cards and placed around the village Phone cards can be purchased from the supermarkets or kiosks.

There is a post-office, situated inside Grivas supermarket. Also, there are several post-boxes around the village, all painted yellow.

Emergency issues

There are two local medical offices in Kassiopi and a pharmacy.


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